Annie-Sage Whitehurst is a film, theatre and voiceover actor, improviser and collaborator in New York City. Film/TV credits include Discovery ID’s A Crime To Remember, Roadside Assistance and Prime Matter (co-wrote and co-produced by Whitehurst). VO work includes originating “Lia Haddock” in the acclaimed podcast Limetown, narration and nationally syndicated broadcasts. Theatre credits include “Juliana” in the serialized, two-year run of Juliana at The Duplex, and performances at La Mama Experimental Theatre Club, Cherry Lane, The Kennedy Center, and more. 2020 House Team member at The Armory Improv, NYC.

Quarantine Edition: Annie-Sage Whitehurst is the founder of The Sequestered: A Micro Short Online Film Festival and a regular performer on Socially Distant Improv. She also finally finished The Wire. Find her and her work on Instagram at @anniehyphensage, @SequesteredFest, and @SociallyDistantImprov, Tuesdays at 7 ET and Thursdays at 6 ET!

Shorts Made in Quarantine:

422 East 75th St. (mockumentary)
Created by and Starring Annie-Sage Whitehurst (“Evie”) and Sal Joseph (“Derek”)
Rodney at 3:00am (drama/suspense)
Created by and Starring Annie-Sage Whitehurst

For more updates, follow Annie-Sage on Instagram at @anniehyphensage


“Limetown was created by two dudes… but a large part of its appeal
is due to the narration
by fictionalist journalist Lia Haddock,
voiced by Annie-Sage Whitehurst

-Erika W. Smith for

Highlights on Film: Action, Heartbreak and Film Noir

Excerpts from DiscoveryID’s television show, “A Crime To Remember”
A collection of scenes from Annie-Sage’s work, featuring one of the best songs on earth, Bo Diddley’s “Prisoner of Love”
B.P.M., dir. Greg Robbins. Internationally lauded short action film from Robbins Digital Media

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