{Your Name Here}: A Queer Theatre Company

{Your Name Here}: A Queer Theatre Company

Big News:

I’m joining {Your Name Here}’s theatre company!

(…I’m fighting a Company reference here…)

I’ve participated in a number of {YNH}’s readings and I cannot wait to start collaborating/performing/workshopping/ doing awesome work with awesome, talented folks.

Expect LOTS of updates as things unfold.  Meanwhile, check out some photos from December’s “Holiday BLIPS” here!


From {Your Name Here}’s website:

Our Mission

We are a vibrant new voice joining the conversation of Queer Theater-making.

We are creating a unifying force, of and for queer artists, that takes a formidable place in the New York Theatrical establishment.

We are uniquely positioned to help share many untold queer narratives in a way that spotlights them in the context of our global community.

We want to break open the box of theatrical imagination using a Queer Eye.

We will make art that intentionally uses gender, sex and sexuality to empower queer bodies.

We work with the spirit of inclusion – in community, for community – to create art that re-presents & questions the breadth of what it means to be queer.

We are a creating a forum where the divergent voices of our community, from the past and for the future, can be heard.

We are queer.
We are theater-makers.

Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me.


Artistic Director David Macke & cast before “Holiday BLIPS”