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Annie-Sage Whitehurst has lent her voice to animated characters, award-winning audio dramas, audiobooks (including self-produced for ACX.com), national broadcasts, tutorials, commercials and more.

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LIMETOWN: Podcast, Two-Up Productions

Annie-Sage voiced investigative reporter “Lia Haddock” in the groundbreaking audio drama later developed for Facebook Watch.

Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again. Until now. Limetown follows journalist Lia Haddock (Annie-Sage Whitehurst) as she investigates the infamous disappearance of a doomed research facility. Limetown is a fictional podcast from Two Up Productions This audio drama has been lauded as one of the first of its kind, receiving international attention and a permanent place on iTunes’ top charts.

Praise for Annie-Sage in LIMETOWN: Season One 

“Limetown was created by two dudes… but a large part of its appeal
is due to the narration
by fictionalist journalist Lia Haddock,
voiced by Annie-Sage Whitehurst

-Erika W. Smith for BUST.com

The brilliance of Limetown has a lot to do with Annie-Sage Whitehurst,
the actress who voices Lia. Her work is outstanding, so much so that many listeners, especially in the first few episodes,
really believe the story is real.”

-Emily Scott, “7 Feminist Podcasts to Smash The Patriarchy To” for Culturess.com

Buick City, 1:00am- A Serialized Podcast Opera from Experiments in Opera

Through spoken dialogue, sound design, and music, it tells the story of a woman (played by Annie-Sage Whitehurst) traveling back in time to 1984 to prevent the murder of her father.

The world’s first serial podcast opera ”

Financial Times, November 30, 2018

“Spontaneous and fresh”

Schmopera, October 24, 2018

Desperate Nightmares from Christ the King, Missouri Podcast

Annie-Sage has played a naive southern belle (“Raphsody in BBQ”), a devout pregnant New Englander (“The Happy Family”) and a sleuthing millennial (“White Flight”) for this spooky ensemble drama podcast. Check out some of her character voices in the reel below!

Voice Over Samples: Character, Technical and Commercial

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Previous credits include “Indus Tactical” in Blue Planet: WAR IN HEAVEN


Past clients include:

  • Jackson Lewis
  • Headliner App
  • Shindig App
  • Show-Score.com
  • OkiToki