March 3 – 20th: THE BACCHAE at LA MAMA

THE BACCHAELa MaMa, in association with The Faux-Real Theatre, presents


 (This God Likes to Party!)

The Greek God Dionysus demanded ecstatic revels of his worshippers, and Faux-Real’s Bacchae won’t let him down.  Filled with music, dancing, masks and breaches of nearly every description, Faux-Real’s avant-garde spectacle, is, in effect, a very loyal rendition of the 5th century BC tragedy by Euripides. A feast for the senses, “The Bacchae” is raucous and metaphysical, challenging and celebratory… a communal party that ends with the ruler of Thebes getting really shredded.

Directed by Faux-Real Artistic Director Mark Greenfield, “The Bacchae” features masks by Lynda White, musical direction by Tony Naumovski, and costumes by Irina Gets. Performances at La MaMa, 74A East 4thStreet, are from Thursday March 3 at 7:30pm through Sunday March 20 at 2pm, with an opening scheduled for Sunday March 6 at 2pm.

In “The Bacchae,” the celebrated, gender-bending and mercurial party god Dionysus cavorts with his ecstatic followers, the girl-group known as The Bacchae, only to be challenged by the villainous secularist Pentheus. Overflowing with worship of all kinds (drunken goat dances anyone?) some will recognize the earliest glimmers of liberation theology… others may smell the first whiff of religious fundamentalism, and the end of the party. What, the party’s over????

Founded in 1994, Faux-Real has distinguished itself by staging immersive, boundary-breaking shows in a variety of unlikely, yet highly accessible theatres and locations.  Its visceral approach to Greek theatre is fueled by the knowledge that 2400 years ago these plays were performed in competitions, and had to be highly entertaining as well as enlightening in order to win.  In Faux-Real shows performers and audiences join forces to embark on a sensory roller-coaster ride that pushes beyond the boundaries of the rational mind.

The show’s gender-fluid, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational cast of 19 includes: PJ Adzima, Andrew Bryce,Zora Iman Crews, Zelda Gaye, Jeremy X. Halpern, Joy Kelly, Isabelle Kenet, Isi Laborde, Jy Murphy, Tony Naumovski, Emma Orme, Madeline Adelle Phillips, Fiona Robberson, Aaron Scott, Dorian Shorts, Sarah Traisman, Henry Walker, Annie-Sage Whitehurst, and Performances in the First Floor Theatre (a total of 12) are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm, Sunday at 2pm. Tickets are $18, $13 for students and seniors. (Running time is 75 minutes.) For tickets and information call 646/430-5374, or visit


“Three Sisters Experiment”

Updates from the Rehearsal Room

 My Role as Masha in Three Sisters Experiment at WoW Café: What is Three Sisters Experiment  & a Video Clip
I’m getting so excited to play Masha in my upcoming show, Three Sisters Experiment, directed by Josie McAdam at the WoW Café Theatre!  Performances are March 21-23 and March 28-30, Thursdays – Saturdays at 8pm at WoW Café, 59 E. 4th Street.  I can’t wait for everyone to see this new piece – email me for one of my 5 discount ticket codes at!


Three Sisters Experiment at WoW Cafe Theatre

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Although we were going to originally put on Jane Martin’s Anton in Show Business, we decided to return to Martin’s inspiration and create a devised theatre piece based off Chekhov’s Three Sisters (I can’t complain, I went from playing a small role to Masha, the volatile middle sister!)

Ever since I participated in Epic Theatre Ensemble’s winter residency at Smith College in 2011, I have been really interested in devised theatre and collaboration.  I love the freedom to explore text, themes and characters through instinct, improvisation and connections with outside material.  We have been focusing on movement and gender roles – a big topic has been “resistance” and knots – both metaphorical and literal!

I feel so lucky to get to perform a new interpretation of such a classic piece of theatre….look out for more posts on my questions/thoughts while preparing for my character.

Here’s an excerpt from one of our first rehearsals:

…I think I am wearing that leopard print sweater in almost EVERY photo I’ve posted here.

I am equally excited about getting to perform at the legendary WoW Cafe.  As a theatre major / critical theory nerd, WoW Cafe represented the groundbreaking and important zenith of new feminist, queer theatre in New York City – an incredibly underrepresented niche of the theatre world.  My college readings on WoW Cafe performers like Peggy Shaw, Five Lesbian Brothers and other artists pushed me to look for and create theatrical projects that presented alternative narratives, queer characters and empowered women as actors, artists and agents of change.  Really interesting when you think about the themes of Three Sisters and the women’s relationship to agency…especially my character, Masha!

Thanks for reading – more updates to come!

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