Annie-Sage Whitehurst

Production Photography: Film

Production Photography: Theatre

Production Photography: “Juliana” At The Duplex two-year run of the monthly radio-show style serialization of the novel

Solo / Collaborative Performance Art

Behind the Scenes & Press


LAST SPRING (NUMB) dir. Daniel Gras Pujalt, 2014

NUMB is a narrative short film based on a script by Daniel Gras Pujalt. This 9-minute short set in 1940’s New York, during War World II, focuses on a young couple and the unusual love story that develops between them. Starring Annie-Sage Whitehurst as Sarah and Jared Koronkiewics as Marco.


“Limetown” written and directed by Zack Akers, prod. by Skip Bronkie

Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again. Until now. Limetown follows journalist Lia Haddock (Annie-Sage Whitehurst) as she investigates the infamous disappearance of a doomed research facility. Limetown is a fictional podcast from Two Up Productions. 

Season One now available on iTunes!


“The Perfume Bottle” created and performed by Annie-Sage Whitehurst with Rachel Kerry

“The Perfume Bottle: A love poem for all good girls getting ready for a night on the town.” Created exclusively for “An Exhibition of Intimate Objects”, a night of multidisciplinary performances at Lovecraft Bar in NYC.