Filmmaking in the Age of Social Distancing

The following films were created for The Sequestered: No. 8 from the prompt: “fortune”.
Filmmakers were given seven days to write, film and edit their work.

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The seventh edition of The Sequestered: A Micro Short Online Film Festival included work from:

Tali de Assis (IMDB)
Mitesh Take
Corie Miller
Nicola Lambo
Ashley Kristeen Vega (IMDB) + Laura Kay (IMDB)
Lisa Whitten
Donovan Santiago (IMDB)
Annie-Sage Whitehurst (IMDB)
Mike Dowd
Charlotte + Christopher Ankersen

Mitesh Take – Durga’s Lockdown
Corie Miller – Another Quarantweekend
Annie-Sage Whitehurst – Charlie
Donovan Andrew – Ego or Fortune
Nicola Lambo – 99 Problems “Money” ain’t 1
Ashley Kristeen Vega and Laura Kay – WIDE EYED
Tali de Assis – A Fortunate Intervention
Lisa Whitten – A Freudian Fortune
Charlotte and Christopher Ankerson
Mike Dowd – 5 Steps to Building Your Fortune 500

Yours in isolation,
Annie-Sage Whitehurst
The Sequestered: A Micro Short Online Film Festival