Filmmaking in the Age of Social Distancing

The Sequestered: No. 5: revise

This week’s edition of The Sequestered is a little different than usual. While filmmakers were given a new prompt and 7 days to create a short, we also welcomed submissions that fit the broader theme of revision. This week features work from returning filmmakers who polished a previously submitted piece, completed a partial submission that was never turned in, or submitted after the week’s films were already shown.

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-All films must be between 2 minutes – 5 minutes in length (if you’re adding titles, keep them under 15 seconds)
– The prompt must be used as an integral part of the film. It can be represented literally, in dialogue, metaphorically, however you see fit!
– All films must be shot on a phone. You can edit however and with whatever you like, but no fancy cameras!
– All films must use one of the filmmaker’s “shelter in place” / quarantine for the location.

The revision edition of The Sequestered: A Micro Short Online Film Festival included work from:

Donovan Santiago
Danny Mayer + Taryne Kellogg
Megan Magee + John Hoffman
Roetta-Lee Smith
Dan Burdman
Jocelyn Zadrozny
Mike Dowd
Annie-Sage Whitehurst + Sal Joseph

Danny Mayer + Taryne – Emma’s Day
Mike Dowd – Revise Yourself
Roetta-Lee Smith – Compression Sock, Ep. 3
Annie-Sage Whitehurst + Sal Joseph – 422 East 75th St.
Dan Burdman – At Home With Jess (No. 2: Awe)
ohkys – Someone Who (No. 1: Honey)
Jocelyn Zadrozny – Concrete Angels
Donovan Santiago – Revise The Universe
Hoff Kilter – Hope (revision of No. 2: Awe)

Yours in isolation,
Annie-Sage Whitehurst
The Sequestered: A Micro Short Online Film Festival

Filmmaking in the Age of Social Distancing