Next Theatre Project: ChristmApocalypse @ Frigid Festival

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and the 2015 FRIGID New York Festival present:

The ChristmApocalypse

Enter a world of burnt Christmas cheer,
A performance, a party, the show of the year,
You better be brave to come here, my dear,
Let’s go out with a bang, the end is near!

Written & directed by Rachel Kerry, The ChristmApocalypse merges devised movement, twisted Christmas Carols, and post-apocalyptic imagery to create a deliciously dark yuletide multimedia experience.

Tori Ernst, Miranda Jean Larson, Rory Allan Meditz, Ian Prince, John Rentler, Douglas Robbins, Melissa Shaw, Chris Smith, <b>Annie-Sage Whitehurst</b>, and Jessica Winograd.

2/18th at 8:50PM,
2/24th at 5:30PM,
3/2nd at 5:30PM,
3/5th at 10:30PM,
3/7th at Noon.

The Kraine Theatre
85 E 4th st


Didn’t get your fill of apocalyptic winter yesterday? What luck – my next theatre project is CHRISTMAPOCALYPSE, a “deliciously dark yuletide multimedia experience”. We’ve just started rehearsals, and it’s going to be weird. Stay tuned for more updates – we’ll see you at the Frigid Festival!

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