Joining the BrickaBrack 2016 Ensemble


I am officially joining the BrickaBrack Ensemble!  Read on below:


BrickaBrack is thrilled to announce the appointment of sixteen new Ensemble Members. These Ensemble Members will form the core of the company’s artistic machine for the next year, developing new rehearsal methods, projects, and growing the company through long-term collaborative practices. This diverse group of artists hails from all over the U.S., Canada, South America, and South Africa.


The sixteen new Ensemble Members are: Alanna Bulletproof-Tiger Blair, Amy Nielson, Angela Nahigian, Anika Solveig Pensiero, Annie-Sage Whitehurst, Brian Knoebel, DeLance Minefee, Esther van Zyl, Garrett Gray, Jillian Jetton, Matt Renskers, Natália Garcez, Niki Cardoni, Rachel Aylward, Rachel Ritacco, and Rita McCann.
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Photo by Joana Cardoza
Photo by Joana Cardoza

Artistic Director Gabriel Grilli says, “The talent, intelligence, diversity, range of training disciplines, and vibrant spirit of this group is just phenomenal. Bringing these artists on board as Ensemble Members is an amazing step in the development of BrickaBrack, and represents a major shift in the structuring of the company. It’s also an experiment – We’re three years old, and have never had a core group of this size! Personally, it’s the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had to be part of a consistent collaborative like this. Where we work together in the studio every week, dreaming, scheming, experimenting with processes, and generating new projects. I’m so excited to welcome these wonderful people to the BrickaBrack family, and to begin creating with them on an ongoing basis.”