I grew up with Tennessee Williams.  I would steal my mother’s dogeared copy of Streetcar and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and imagine myself as one of Williams’ women – glamorously put upon and bitterly disappointed with a lackluster adulthood.  The more plays I read, the more I appreciated the unique multifaceted characters in Williams’ work, specifically the strong voice of feminine longing.


I am so excited to participate in TENNESSEE WILLIAMS PROJECT with Bedlam Ensemble.  This production features the original text of Williams’ lesser known one acts, tied together into one cohesive narrative.

I play “Woman” in Talk to Me Like the Rain, a bittersweet look at a woman’s relationship with her husband and her self.    I am in love with this piece!

We have already secured a space – the Gene Frankel Theatre- but we need help fundraising.  Bedlam Ensemble has put together a beautiful page on Kickstarter, and we are so close to meeting our 3000$ goal!

WHY BACK The Tennessee Williams Project?

Bedlam is a growing theatre company. Your support will not only help us pay for the materials we need to put on a great show, it will also get you a great seat so you can enjoy the performance you made possible. We chose to present the one act plays of Tennessee Williams because of their beautifully poetic language, striking characters, and the great potential for ensemble work. However, these wonderful plays are not in the public canon, which means we have to pay for the right to perform them. Your support will help us pay for those rights, as well as the cost of renting The Gene Frankel Theatre—an appropriate venue since Gene Frankel in fact knew Tennessee Williams. We also need to cover the expense of putting together the lightscostumes,set, and sound design that bring the world of the play to life; and the funds foradvertising our show to the world so we can get the word out and have the best possible audience.

Bedlam is non-profit and volunteer run, but we need your support to cover the necessary costs of presenting this work to you.

Please check out the Kickstarter page here for more information and  pledge securely (ps- there are lots of fun gifts for anyone who pledges 5$ or more!).

Thank you for your support, hope to see you in January!