ChristmApocalypse in the News!

With our first show opening less than two weeks away, director Rachel Kerry of Brain Melt Consortium has been spreading the news and deliciously off-color christmas cheer. Check out our mention in Broadway World and Rachel’s interview with the folks from New York Theatre Review.

Working with Rachel has been an incredible experience, and rehearsals have become a warm, supportive space where different artists can (sometimes literally) bounce ideas off each other.  Even thinking about our next rehearsal makes me feel like a little kid itching to go play with her friends at recess!  …Except that our playground is definitely not kid friendly, thank god.  It is so much fun to explore darker themes within the cane-coated claymation Christmas motif!  Darker themes like…my character’s relationship with her brother, Jack Frost, and their relationship with sadomasochism.  Or… a devastatingly destructive addiction to candy canes.  This has been such a fun and unique experience, and I am so excited to participate with such an amazing group of people willing to roll their sleeves up and just get weird.

Tickets for ChristmApocalypse are on sale now at!