Check it out: VOX covers Limetown

I love this kind of connection – my former Smith College classmate Carolyn Framke is now writing for – and did a piece on Limetown!

Limetown has been disturbing the natural order of things on the iTunes charts ever since it debuted July 29. It quickly climbed to the top of the fictional and arts podcast sections, and by September 25 it reigned as the No. 1 US podcast on iTunes. That’s better than This American Life. It’s better than WTF With Marc Maron. And, yes, it’s better than Serial (at least until season two debuts).

Hey, no one here at Limetown said it.

Annie-Sage Whitehurst voices Lia as cautious but palpably excited at the prospect of uncovering something even as she can’t make heads or tails of it. While Akers and Bronkie confirmed to me over email that they have planned the first season “and well beyond,” Whitehurst told me she has no idea how Limetown may or may not resolve. “I’m definitely learning along with Lia,” she said. “[but] I love it.”

Even as Lia references official reports and interviews experts, something is always off. After all, this is a story about 300 people disappearing, out of nowhere.

The sense of unease intensifies as the pilot progresses, moving past the archived news footage to a wrenching montage of grieving family members, and finally to Lia visiting the eerily quiet town itself. The more she uncovers, the more none of it makes any sense. Witnesses emerge out of the ether with a whisper, or roaring with rage. Statements take a turn from the factual to the ethereal, citing some unknowable force no one can explain.

So while Lia starts off the podcast focused and prepared, the seemingly nonsensical evidence she uncovers gives her no choice but to throw out her original plan. Without a road map or any idea what she’s wading into, she becomes a proxy for the audience, breathless with anticipation.

Suddenly, Limetown is no longer a straight investigation.

It’s a ghost story.

Read the full article here and don’t forget – new episode of Limetown is out 10/12!