Cats on a Hot Tin Roof & Closing Night!

Cats on a Hot Tin Roof & Closing Night!

What to do when you have a theatre for an extra day?  It’s obvious…throw an old-fashioned salon with your theatre company and friends all playing “Maggie” from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof!  It was an impromptu evening with scripts in hand, but the turnout was impressive and enthusiastic.   I was especially excited to introduce Sam Kinsman (the Kulygin to my Masha in Three Sisters Experiement) to the company!

Sam Kinsman and I at {Your Name Here}'s "#CatsonaHotTinRoof" 3/27
My stage-husband Sam Kinsman and I at {Your Name Here}’s “#CatsonaHotTinRoof” 3/27

A few days before the salon, the performers received one of three monologues from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Although I know I am too young (not bitter enough / alcoholic) to play Maggie the Cat, I absolutely love her and I’m so glad I had the chance to play around with the part!  It was incredible to see so many different performers interpret the same character – especially a leading female character depicted as so teeming with rage, desire and complexities not many actors get to portray.

I feel so lucky to call {Your Name Here} my theatre company and home.  I had been exposed to the world of queer theatre like Charles Ludlam, Jack Smith and The Ridiculous Theatrical Company at a young age, and I always knew I needed to be in a queer artistic environment.  When performer Go Mahan told the audience about his experience with Everet Quinton and remained Maggie the Cat as a Theatre of the Ridiculous piece on Wednesday, my heart damn near exploded.  I feel like a little kid who wanted to run away and join the circus- and is having the time of her life.

…I realize I’m not that articulate in my posts here.  It’s hard to form sentences when you are watching your weird little niche dreams present themselves to you in reality.

Here’s to all the performers I met and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with earlier this week — and here’s to the closing night of THREE SISTERS EXPERIMENT!  I’m looking forward to posting picks from yesterday’s photo-call, but come see it in person!