Coming up at Bluestockings: The Cast Reads Excerpts from JULIANA!

JULIANA at The Duplex is taking the Spring to revamp our performance series, but here’s a fun new way to get your JULIANA fix: 

Come to a reading of JULIANA at Bluestockings the Radical Bookstore! Tuesday, March 31st from 7pm-8pm. 

Bluestockings Book Store

172 Allen Street, NY, NY

Juliana is about the lives of gay men and lesbians living and hiding in 1940s NYC.
If you’re new to the novel come and find out what it’s all about before we begin performing Volume 2 in July. 

If you know the story this is an excellent way to find out what happened in episodes you may have missed before the last chapter is performed June 14, 7pm at the Duplex.

We really hope to see you there at the onset of an exciting new series of novels.
There will be an interpreter for the deaf.


Click the link below to RSVP.

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I hope to see you there!

Tonight! Juliana at the Duplex

Annie-Sage as Juliana (Photo by Chelsea Culverwell)

Annie-Sage as Juliana (Photo by Chelsea Culverwell)

We’re back, and in paperback!
Juliana, A Novel (Book I) by Vanda is now available in print via Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or on Amazon Kindle! Get your copy here:

February 9th marks the latest installment of Vanda’s new novel, Juliana, as adapted for the stage. This month’s episode starts with ringing in 1944 at Juliana’s townhouse, and you’re invited!

Never seen an episode? Not to worry – each evening starts out with a quick recap, and each installation features musical numbers, several steamy scenes and an impeccably researched look at gay and lesbian life in WWII-era New York City.

Free with 2 drink minimum – reserve your tickets above!

What you missed from last month’s episode:
Juliana shows Al how little the “country girl” really knows about life in the big city. Openly gay men and women at Juliana’s Christmas party, Al’s first time at the rambunctious club owned by Madame Spivy (is that Tallulah Bankhead sitting in Spivy’s lap?!) and now Juliana wants Al to dress in trousers? Life really has changed for our narrator.
Meanwhile, the glamorous Juliana is on edge about anyone making a dig at her bumpy road to stardom, even though Al believes she can help. But despite their steamy history, Al and Juliana don’t share the same idea of “intimacy”. When Al realizes Juliana will be spending Christmas with someone else – the androgynous Andy- she’s shaken. And when Juliana suggests finding Al “a nice boy” to introduce her to…well, you’ll just have to see what happens next on this month’s episode of JULIANA

It’s 1941 and ALICE HUFFMAN—who prefers to be called Al, played by Molly Collier—and her childhood friends come from the potato fields of Long Island to New York City to make it on the Broadway stage. Al meets Juliana (played by Annie-Sage Whitehurst), a perpetually-on-the-brink-of-stardom cabaret singer, and she is thrust into a world of “deviates” as her life is propelled in a direction she never could have imagined back home in the country.



Juliana will be back at a new time this month – SECOND Tuesdays at 7pm!

Our last show was a big one – Al prepares for her wedding and Aggie reveals she’s pregnant.  The episode ended with Henry, Al’s husband-t0-be, walking in on Al and Juliana kissing moments before the ceremony… we can’t wait to show you what happens next!   In the meantime, check out this great write-up from Kevin Scott Hall and The Edge Media:

Kevin On Kabaret :: Reclaiming the Past; Plus What’s Up for the Holidays

by Kevin Scott Hall
Friday Dec 4, 2015
Kevin Scott Hall

Kevin Scott Hall  

One of the most intriguing projects I’ve seen in a club in quite some time is the monthly serialization of “Juliana,” a novel by Vanda that will be officially released in February 2016 (Booktrope). Since December 2014, the story has been unfolding monthly at The Duplex with a cast of professional actors.

Vanda, best known as a playwright (winner of the Edward Albee Fellowship and a finalist for the National Lambda Award for her play “Vile Affections”), told me, “I wanted to do something bigger, I wanted to expand. I knew the idea I had would not fit into a play and I also love to use language for narration and description.”

“Juliana” tells the story of the secret lives of gays and lesbians during World War II. In particular, Al (short for Alice) is about to get married but has recently discovered a strong desire for the beautiful and uninhibited lesbian Juliana. As the war rages on in all of their lives, the war within her also threatens to tear apart her soul and her family allegiances.

A scene from Juliana  

“My parents were raised in the ’40s,” Vanda explained. “There were horrible things said about gays and lesbians back then. It was a crossroads: a conservative time, but they were becoming more visible.”

Vanda’s hope is to continue with a series of novels chronicling these characters’ lives through successive decades of LGBT history. The stage version of the first novel is scheduled to end in March. “We’re trying to decide if we want to move on to the ’50s, or repeat the ’40s to coincide with the book’s release and also for everybody who missed it.”

Vanda originally went to her playwriting groups to ask for feedback on the early stages of the novel. When she realized how much dialogue was in the manuscript, she wondered if she could cast it like a play and serialize it. Her playwriting groups supported her wholeheartedly and even helped her recruit some top actors for the roles.

“I think the actors are excited that they are appearing in something every month,” she said. “We do two rehearsals per month, so they have to work really hard. I’m now meeting people who have been to every show and I now have actors begging me to be in the show!”

Although it is technically a staged reading (scripts are within reach of the actors), the depth of performances, and the colorful dialogue (even minor characters leave an indelible impression) make it seem fully realized to the audience. Also, a summary of the previous episode is left on the tables, so if an audience member has yet to see an episode or has missed an episode, she can quickly catch up.

Vanda’s playwriting work has served her well in structuring the monthly segments. “I like to leave the audience with a hint of something to come,” she said.

The next edition of “Juliana” hits The Duplex on December 15th. Be a part of this exciting, unfolding project . . . .

Read The Full Article Here!

Kevin Scott Hall is the author of Off the Charts! (2010, iUniverse) and the memoir, A Quarter Inch from My Heart (2014, Wisdom Moon).


Juliana at The Duplex: Last Tuesdays of the Month!

It is my pleasure to announce that we have officially secured a monthly slot at The Duplex for JULIANA!!!!

Through December 22nd, we will return to The Duplex last Tuesdays of the month for the next installment of JULIANA.

The following performance will be: May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th, Aug 25th, Sept 22nd, Oct 27th, Nov 24th, Dec 22nd.

We’ve had four presentations so far – I am so happy to get to return as Juliana, the seductive siren of Al’s New York City!

Our last episode started to heat things up, and our next performance will tip the velvet even  further.  Please be advised of graphic language, sexual situations, and ladies doing it for themselves.

Here are a few photos from our last show on April 28thAnnie-Sage Whitehurst as Juliana

Annie-Sage Whitehurst as Juliana and Francesca DiPaola as Al

Annie-Sage Whitehurst as Juliana and Francesca DiPaola as Al

"Max's Thanksgiving Salon"- Matt Biagini (Max), Matt Antar (Tommie), Francesca DiPaola (Al), Lucy McMichael (Virginia) and Jami Simon

“Max’s Thanksgiving Salon”- Matt Biagini (Max), Matt Antar (Tommie), Francesca DiPaola (Al), Lucy McMichael (Virginia) and Jami Simon


"We have to watch out for our baby butches!" Jess Miller as Shirl and Francesca DiPaola as Al

“We have to watch out for our baby butches!” Jess Miller as Shirl and Francesca DiPaola as Al