The NUMB Trailer is Here!

I am so excited to share the trailer for NUMB!  While the full film will be in color, director Daniel Gras Pujalt wanted to create a teaser with a truly vintage feel to accompany our custom-made soundtrack.


….I have to admit, I watched this more than once.

NUMB’s Kickstarter Campaign

Hello all!  As you might know, I’ve been preparing to shoot NUMB for some time now – I’ve been in love with the period piece ever since I auditioned for it!  This week, I met with director Daniel Gras Pujalt and his fantastic crew to prepare a video for Kickstarter.  While they finish shooting, here’s a sneak peek!1395155_10152710155320760_1023919268_n


I am very excited to play Sarah, the lead female character, and I can’t wait to share the video when it’s ready!




We have WRAPPED production on DYSFUNCTION!  I want to say thank you to the Roger Matthews for putting the whole thing together, the dedicated crew, my cast mate Goran Ivanovski and of course, Greg Cafaia for all his work (and getting me involved in the first place!).

I am so excited to see what the final piece will look like!  Stay tuned for updates!

Joining the cast of “SCAMMERS: Live the American Scheme” web series!

ScammersVERY excited to announce that I am joining the cast of a new webseries – SCAMMERS: Live the American Scheme.

Brooklyn, New York is home to many hustles and illegal ways to earn money from robbery to drug deals, but in the information age identity theft is king. Three friends pushed to the edge of living just enough, take matters into their own hands and decide to find the easiest route to the American dream. The old cliché’s of drug dealing and standing on corners waiting for the police to catch you no longer apply to Rachel, and her friends Teesha & Darius. For them stealing is quick, lucrative, and discreet. Their mask and gun is your identity, when using your credit the sky is the limit.

I will play Rachel, a college-educated Brooklyn native who, fed up dead-end internships and a seemingly pointless degree, turns to …”alternative” means of income.

Richard Bird, a fellow castmate on last year’s Lost in Coney Island is also joining the cast…. I can’t wait to work with him again!  Stay tuned for on-set updates and streaming episodes!


We Won!

Just got back from the Coney Island Film Festival, where “Lost In Coney Island won the “Best Made in Coney Island” category!

It was so much fun seeing the cast and crew again. We even had a drink or two with members of the original Warriors cast- Apache “Orphan” Ramos and David “Cochise” Harris. And my fellow cast member Richard Bird let me steal his Warriors vest!

Richard Bird and I trading colors at Ruby’s

Check out some of the press for our little film:

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Animal New York: Insane Meta-Remake Of The Warriors Debuts At Coney Island

The Brooklyn Paper: Can You Dig it?

I’m in Mariah Carey’s new music video!

Did this really happen?

Earlier this week, I spent all night filming Mariah Carey’s new music video, “Triumphant”! I’ve never worked as an extra before, but when I heard her production company was looking for background actors, I knew I had to get involved…this lady is a legend.