Profile on UNSOFT WAR

Playwright and coproducer Daria Miyeko Martinelli’s company, The Unsoft War, has been releasing profiles on the cast of UNTAMEABLE.  Check out my mini interview below, and head to to see what the rest of the cast has to say!


anniesageNext it’s Cabel, the museum’s curator and the diamond’s handler, played by the shining Annie-Sage Whitehurst.

Name: Annie-Sage Whitehurst

Hometown: Nyack, NY

Favorite Role to Date: Masha in THREE SISTERS EXPERIMENT, a devised queer reinterpretation of the classic.

Tell Us About Your Character: I’ve been thinking about Cabel as a wounded heart that keeps waiting- but she would prefer to say she is the top diamond specialist for the Jacoby Institute and watches over the five most valuable diamonds in the world. Cabel is sent to Argentina to protect the diamond- the subject of an upcoming museum exhibit and a stone with a history as heartbreaking as her own.

A Childhood Story that Explains Who You Are as a Person/Actor:
Jesus, this is a big question. I guess as a child, I was allowed to play dress up, have a lot of feelings and read whatever I wanted.

Something Untameable: I can tell you what I find unfathomable- that I go to CVS all the time and not once have been scooped up to join Nel and her gang of thieves.

Diamonds or Love: Love, because the diamond tiaras will follow.

What’s up with the tickets for Untameable?

12063691_1136290453067033_2818917557183529722_nUntameable is an immersive diamond heist performance aiming to make financially accessible and commercially viable theatre.  Now, what is the most unusual part of that sentence?

In all ways possible, Untameable is a project that strives to challenge conventions. The format of the play is immersive, meaning that the action unfolds simultaneously around its audience, who is free to pick which side of the story they’d like to see. The heist genre is challenged with a cast composed of eight women, two dancers, a cast that is over 50% artists of color, and a stone slotted to get back to its origin country. And we’d like to challenge the standard production model as well. We want to keep tickets affordable, pay our artists well, and offer a free outreach night to a disadvantaged demographic that might ordinarily not be able to come see the show.

-Daria Miyeko Marinelli, playwright & co-producer

To this end, each performance of Untameable offers six different available tickets – from a $0.99 “Attendant” ticket to the $99.00 “Heir to the Throne” – each with different perks / duties attached.  Sleep No More, the most popular example of immersive theatre, similarly uses a tiered ticketing system but with an $85.00 base price.

I’ve included the full list below – but don’t forget to get your tickets here!

Attendant: $0.99  (2 available per show)
Attend for a bargain and assist the Lady Queen/Boy Prince as they process through the evening. Audience member may be asked to carry light props & stand closer to play action

**For Weds. November 4th & Thurs. November 5th only***
Preview Ticket:
$10.00 (50 per show on 11/4 and 11/5)
See the show in its final days of development at a discount! Some activities of one of the tiered tickets may be assigned to audience members.

Security Guard: $15.00 (10 available per show)
Help keep the jewel safe. Audience member may be asked to stand in specific areas during certain parts of play.

Museum Guest: $30.00 (30 available per show)
General Admission. Includes light beverages through performance.

Thief in Training: $50.00 (8 available per show)
Learn the tricks of the trade. Audience member has the option to be guided by one of our thieves during the action. Light refreshments included with experience.

Heir to the Throne: $99.00 (2 available per show)
Receive the Royal Treatment. Experience includes beverages, refreshments, and the personal guidance of either Lady Queen/Boy Prince through the show.

While $99.00 isn’t an example of the most accessible pricing, I will tell you that the package included will be awesome.  But what’s even more awesome than being personally escorted by two mythical characters from the play – having a choice of what kind of ticket you can purchase.

Actors are nothing without an audience, and Untameable’s fundraising page on is aiming to raise money to pay their artists, and guarantee that as many people as possible can afford to see the show. A full house, an audience that doesn’t feel taken advantage of, and artists paid for their time – how great would that be?

If you feel like this is as AWESOME as I think it is, please take a second to learn more about Untameable and donate to the project.  Thank you!





Highly Impractical Theatre and The Unsoft War are pleased to present

An Immersive Diamond Heist
Written by Daria Miyeko Marinelli
Directed by Elana McKelahan

November 4-22nd
Wed-Sun: 8pm, Sat: 2pm&8pm

There are things more important than love / Name them / Diamonds

Co-Produced by Highly Impractical Theatre and The Unsoft War, Untameable pits diamond heist against museum intrigue and tells the tale of two women, one trying to steal a jewel and the other trying to keep it safe. The work is an immersive romp between a criminal den and a modern museum; the audience navigates their own experience and much like the characters themselves, must decide between love and diamonds, honesty or victory.

Featuring: Vicki Rodriguez, John Racciopo, Denise Yolén, Irene Rivera, J Moliere, Annie-Sage Whitehurst, Stacy Salvette, Nancy Ellen Reinstein, Nikita Chaudhry and Ian F. Stewart.

Design Team includes: Jonathan Cottle (Set), Harrison Densmore (Poster) Megan Estes & Megan Lang (Lights), Andrew Murdock (Props), Stefani Paige (Make-Up), Matsy Stinson (Costume), Aaron Zick (Original Music & Sound Design).



Limetown: Episode 3

Lia Haddock here with the third part of our seven part series on Limetown- hear it below.

Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again. In this seven-part podcast, American Public Radio host Lia Haddock asks the question once more, “What happened to the people of Limetown?”
I play Lia Haddock in this dark new podcast mystery, which NeimanLab calls “Serial meets the X-Files”.  Download us on iTunes or stream us on Soundcloud for free!

Limetown in the Chicago Tribune

“Why ‘Limetown’ heralds a renaissance in radio drama”

Thanks for the writeup, Eric Zorn!

Actress Annie-Sage Whitehurst plays narrator Lia Haddock, an American Public Radio reporter on a mission to answer these and other questions. Her intimate dispatches blend interviews, sound effects and archival recordings in the seamless, nearly cinematic way listeners have come to expect from “This American Life” and other highly crafted audio productions.


Audio theater was big and beloved before the advent of television, and “golden age of radio” enthusiasts have long predicted its revival — the scenery is better, goes the old saying, it’s like books on tape come to life. But the vintage programs, with their corny sound effects and edgeless plots, never had much appeal for younger listeners. And what little new, original work was produced didn’t have a big enough platform or proper outlet to generate a breakthrough hit.

Limetown mentioned in NYT!

The folks over at the New York Times threw Limetown a nice little mention in “What to Do This Weekend”:

Podcast: ‘Limetown’

Ten years ago, more than 300 people vanished without a trace from a Tennessee town that housed a research facility. Where did they go? What work was being done at the research facility? These are the questions explored in “Limetown,” a creepy new podcast that takes the format of “Serial” and other radio documentaries and directs it toward a fictional and possibly otherworldly story. Though “Limetown” debuted in August, only two episodes have aired thus far. These months of encroaching night are the perfect time to catch up: The third episode is coming on Monday. Gilbert Cruz, TV editor

Thanks for the mention!