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Regram from director @dk7collective – yesterday’s dress rehearsal for #sevencollectives #7daysofplay at #theatrelab, opening Monday! #nyc #totreaduponaspark #newplays #manhattan #acting #actorslife #actress #performing via Instagram

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My desk right now… I’m not complaining. First meeting for #totreaduponaspark yesterday, table read for #scammers tomorrow. #sevencollective #7daysofplay #stoopidjupiter #actorslife #nyc via Instagram

Appearing in “To Tread Upon A Spark” with Seven Collective

Listen, I’ve had a crazy past few days.  I have officially lived in NYC (that’s right, no more commuting!)  for a grand total of one week and so far, things are going pretty well.  This weekend I am meeting the rest of the cast and crew for the SCAMMERS web series AND starting rehearsal for a show!

I am appearing as “Voice” in the upcoming “7 Days of Play” One Act Festival with Seven Collective!  I am in the first one act – To Tread Upon a Spark by Daphna Thier.  This will be my second time working with this script – in Spring of 2012, a classmate asked me to read for “Voice” and a few other parts at Daphna’s workshop presentation at Ripley Grier.  I had a great time playing with multiple parts – much like when I was trading hats in Love Poems for Dead Bodies. I can’t wait to see the final script on its feet!

To Tread Upon a Spark runs from October 28th – October 31st at 7pm, and will be followed by three other short plays as part of Seven Collective’s 7 Days of Play festival: Push-Up by Sam Graber, Frame by Julia Lederer and Benched by Terence P. Hughes.

All performances will be at THEATRELAB, 357 w.36th Street (3rd Floor), $20.

See you there!

Joining the cast of “SCAMMERS: Live the American Scheme” web series!

ScammersVERY excited to announce that I am joining the cast of a new webseries – SCAMMERS: Live the American Scheme.

Brooklyn, New York is home to many hustles and illegal ways to earn money from robbery to drug deals, but in the information age identity theft is king. Three friends pushed to the edge of living just enough, take matters into their own hands and decide to find the easiest route to the American dream. The old cliché’s of drug dealing and standing on corners waiting for the police to catch you no longer apply to Rachel, and her friends Teesha & Darius. For them stealing is quick, lucrative, and discreet. Their mask and gun is your identity, when using your credit the sky is the limit.

I will play Rachel, a college-educated Brooklyn native who, fed up dead-end internships and a seemingly pointless degree, turns to …”alternative” means of income.

Richard Bird, a fellow castmate on last year’s Lost in Coney Island is also joining the cast…. I can’t wait to work with him again!  Stay tuned for on-set updates and streaming episodes!