{Your Name Here}: A Queer Theatre Company

Big News:

I’m joining {Your Name Here}’s theatre company!

(…I’m fighting a Company reference here…)

I’ve participated in a number of {YNH}’s readings and I cannot wait to start collaborating/performing/workshopping/ doing awesome work with awesome, talented folks.

Expect LOTS of updates as things unfold.  Meanwhile, check out some photos from December’s “Holiday BLIPS” here!


From {Your Name Here}’s website:

Our Mission

We are a vibrant new voice joining the conversation of Queer Theater-making.

We are creating a unifying force, of and for queer artists, that takes a formidable place in the New York Theatrical establishment.

We are uniquely positioned to help share many untold queer narratives in a way that spotlights them in the context of our global community.

We want to break open the box of theatrical imagination using a Queer Eye.

We will make art that intentionally uses gender, sex and sexuality to empower queer bodies.

We work with the spirit of inclusion – in community, for community – to create art that re-presents & questions the breadth of what it means to be queer.

We are a creating a forum where the divergent voices of our community, from the past and for the future, can be heard.

We are queer.
We are theater-makers.

Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me.


Artistic Director David Macke & cast before “Holiday BLIPS”


Cameo in new “Whip Angels” music video!

“She had the head of a lion, so I tied her up”

I LOVE Whip Angels.  Not only is Jenna Kraus an incredible musician/poet/artist, she’s also my art-buddy and good friend.  After meeting on the photoshoot for Sadie Mae’s “Post-Catastrophe Workshop” this summer, we began trading ideas for short performance pieces and videos.  There’s nothing better than strange feminist intellectuals playing dress up and making things.


Watch the new video for SNAKE BITE below: