“Love Poems for Dead Bodies”

Last night, I participated in a staged reading of Martha Jane Kaufman’s new play, Love Poems for Dead Bodies.  I played Ella, Mrs. Green, Agent Fletcher and a few other characters inspired by the classic film noir archetypes. I had a great time working with director Victoria Tucci, artistic director David Macke and the rest of {Your Name Here}, who I had met earlier in June working on Blips!.  I feel so lucky to have met fellow cast members Ayelet Firstenberg, Rose-Emma Lunderman, Janice Picconi, Stacey Raymond and Jodi Lynne Savitz – it was an honor playing your dead girlfriend / French femme fatal / mommie dearest! …there were lots of costume changes. I really can’t gush enough about how much I love {YNH}….but as for my next project with them? I can only say December 12th, 2012.

Until then, check out these photos of the event from {YNH}’s Facebook!

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