WE ARE THEATRE with the Guerrilla Girls!

Today was incredible.

It was my day off, so I was planning on doing some laundry, research some classes, nothing special…but then I got The Call.  Aphra Behn of the infamous feminist performance group, the Guerrilla Girls, needed someone to go on last minute in We Are Theatre, a night of new play readings by female authors, and could I make a 2pm rehearsal?


I have always been a fan of the Guerrilla Girls – their powerful attack on inequality in media representation and their unforgiving feminism.  Now I had the chance to appear in a performance dedicated to calling out the lack of female playwrights in theatre?  I absolutely could not, would not refuse.

We Are Theatre was a huge success.  The night included new work from 24 playwrights such as Theresa Rebeck, Kate Bornstein and Shay Youngblood, and the Cherry Lane Theatre was packed with a supportive, intelligent audience.

The piece I read was “I am Estonia” by Jyl Lynn Felman – even though I was given the script just a few hours before the performance, I was absolutely moved by Felman’s  writing and narrator, the lost voice of Estonia.  Here’s a photo of me throwing metaphorical tennis balls: perhaps not the most flattering image of me, but I love it because I am so grateful to have participated!!

Performing “I am Estonia” ©Miriam Berkley

Footage of the event is available here.  Another highlight of the evening was appearing alongside the talented Bianca Leigh, an actress I met as an intern with Theatre Askew.  I hadn’t seen her since I was her stage manager/ lighting op for “A Night At The Tombs” at the Bowery Poetry Club in 2009!


After tonight, I feel like Cinderella.  What started as a lazy day off ended with a powerful political statement and a dream come true.

For more information on the Guerrilla Girls On Tour and We Are Theatre, check out their page here.




We Won!

Just got back from the Coney Island Film Festival, where “Lost In Coney Island won the “Best Made in Coney Island” category!

It was so much fun seeing the cast and crew again. We even had a drink or two with members of the original Warriors cast- Apache “Orphan” Ramos and David “Cochise” Harris. And my fellow cast member Richard Bird let me steal his Warriors vest!

Richard Bird and I trading colors at Ruby’s

Check out some of the press for our little film:

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“Love Poems for Dead Bodies”

Just announced: This October, I will play ELLA in a staged reading of Love Poems for Dead Bodies by Martha Jane Kaufman, produced by {Your Name Here} A Queer Theatre Company.

 Save the date: Love Poems for Dead Bodies will take place
October 17th, 7pm at TADA! Theatre, 15 W 28th Street

{Your Name Here} is one of my favorite up-and-coming theatre companies.  Earlier this summer, I participated in {YNH}’s first reading, BLIPS! at the Tada Theatre- we spent all day rehearsing 30-something short plays that addressed queer parenting, fantastical romances, bullying, and more.  The energy in the room was incredible – I feel so lucky to have found a group of smart, committed queer artists!