Religious Imagery in Rennes

Just finished a few incredible modeling sessions inspired by religious imagery and saints with Lisa “Sadie Mae” Tomicich and Gillian Arndt! The photoshoot is in preparation for the 2012 Woman’s Collaborative Post-Catastrophe Workshop led by Lydia Lunch – Sadie’s final piece will debut as a mural at Les Ateliers du Vent (Rennes, France) later this September. Check out my updated gallery section for some of the original images!

I’m in Mariah Carey’s new music video!

Did this really happen?

Earlier this week, I spent all night filming Mariah Carey’s new music video, “Triumphant”! I’ve never worked as an extra before, but when I heard her production company was looking for background actors, I knew I had to get involved…this lady is a legend.